Is Anger Really A Virtue?

I guess I should clarify before the world goes into chaos popping off at everyone in sight because “Mandy said it would bring enlightenment”. Justified anger, expressed in a constructive way is a virtue and can put you in touch with your true passions. But that’s a long and boring title. Anger is a delicious and yummy emotion that gets a bad rap. Anger is the energy that brings about change. Anger is the emotion we get when things aren’t fair. But when we push it down and don’t express it, it becomes the dirty little cousin of happiness that we don’t talk about. I also want to take the time to say human emotions if allowed to be fully felt and expressed pass within 30-90 seconds. They have done studies on this….It’s Science! However if you shove them down with judgement they can last for years and manifest in the body in the form of things as deadly as cancer. It is serious stuff my friends.

If people hadn’t gotten angry and wanted freedom of religion, If the Bostonian’s hadn’t gotten angry and stood up, the North hadn’t gotten angry about the unfairness of slavery, if you hadn’t sent back the soup at that deli…..Things wouldn’t have changed. I say anger expressed in a constructive way is a virtue because when you blow up and start ranting, raving, and foaming at the mouth it’s hard to hear your message clearly. It tends to get lost in translation. *please note if you have been denying your own anger some heated, doors closed, pillow punching and foaming is totally encouraged. Just make sure it’s done alone. Message me directly if you need further instructions on how to vent the pent up rage with zero casualties. Once that is done deciding to speak your needs or the needs of others clearly without faltering is what has the power to evolve the planet. We all have the power inside of each of us to do it without name calling or tearing others down. As I tell my children its ok to be angry it’s not ok to hit your sister. It’s not always perfect but the times when we are able to express “I am angry because of this” it gives others the opportunity to correct the wrong.

My husband and I recently had a conversation about the kind of life we wanted to create. In the past I would have done one of two things. 1. Assumed nothing would change and mentally shut down or 2.Get really angry and defensive about things point fingers and blame. Yeah I know I haven’t always been this calm, cool, and collected……Stop laughing Chris!!! We decided to get clear and take into account everyone in the family’s needs and make a change. It wasn’t anything major but I was angry because with the kids being home for summer break I wasn’t allotted enough time to work. I mean I was enjoying the zoo and the parks but I was angry because I wasn’t advocating time on my calendar to do what I have been called to do. By clearly expressing my needs minus the name calling and the foam we were able to come to an agreement quickly.

So I ask the question……what are you angry about? What in your life are you done taking it up the kiester over? Is it your income? Your career? Physical pain? Relationships? Anger is the way of saying “THIS ISN’T FAIR AND STUFF NEEDS TO CHANGE”. Get really clear about what you want and go get it!!! Then comment below or comment below before and after.


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