Mentor Me Workshops

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Mentor Me Workshops

Mentor Me Workshops are an excellent opportunity for our paid AWIB members to share their knowledge and market their business.

For a $25 fee, AWIB will help you schedule your workshop at the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center, and advertise it through the AWIB website, our MeetUp page, and our newsletter.

You are welcome to invite your own network of contacts to attend your Mentor Me Workshop, and present on the topic of your choice. But remember – interest and participation will be higher if you offer valuable information your attendees can take with them, instead of simply trying to sell your product or service.

Please see the guidelines below for more information. You can pay by check, or through PayPal using the button below.

                                                      “Mentor Me Workshop” Guidelines

Contact – Chris Elin-Rogers – 614-361-0745 – with request for timing and placement on Meet-Up

Information for Website Listing/Newletter will be forwarded to AWIB’s website coordinator.

Location will be the DEC (Dublin Entrepreneurial Center) – The DEC’s capabilities/equipment:

  • Overhead projector (projects onto the wall)
  • Computer and connecting cables
  • Tables & Chairs
  • White Boards (bring your own Dry Erase Markers)
  • Signs stands place outside your room (8X10 paper sign to insert)


One Month Prior – Initial Request should include:

  • Day/Date/Time – requesting Workshop / First Choice and Second Choice
  • Presenter’s Name/E-mail/Cell Phone/Name of Business (if applicable)
  • Name of Workshop – Description of Workshop
  • Short Bio of Presenter
  • Actual Length of presentation – we will try to a lot 30 minutes prior and 30 minutes after to allow for set up and tear down when scheduling
  • $25 Check made out to Awesome Women in Business (or pay on website)

Two weeks prior (minimum)

Presenter forwards “Posting Ready” information for listing on Meet-Up and Facebook

  • Final Name of Workshop –
  • Final Description of Workshop
  • Short Bio of Presenter
  • Any supplies required by those attending

Chris forwards to Laurie for website – Chris Posts on Meet-Up


Day of Workshop:

  1. Presenter arrives ½ hour prior to workshop and goes to the Third Floor
  2. Check In and pick up Sign posts
  3. Have door opened for presenter/or if AWIB member attending they can open with Code
  4. Sets up and if any issues – contacts Buddy upstairs
  5. Supplies presenter must bring:
    1. Dry Erase/White Board Marker – Additional equipment/handouts/etc.
    2. Any refreshments/supplies


Following Workshop:

    1. Presenter insures all tables and chairs are in order
    2. Any equipment used is returned to original state
    3. Projector turned off/Cables/remotes up front
    4. Any trash placed in receptacle/Tables left clean and clear
    5. Any information placed on White Boards-removed and cleaned
    6. Light turned off/Door to hallway locked upon leaving
    7. Sign Holders returned to the third Floor Area