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Mandy Lo Dickson

Mandy Lo Dickson Coaching, LLC
Work Phone: 614.507.0805 Website:
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I help women stop beating themselves up. We all do it. I should have know better. I could have done better. If I had more hours in the day. No matter how successful you are we can all benefit with increased interpersonal relationships with our kids that are driving us insane or our spouse that just can’t seem to hear our requests or our bosses that don’t think we are worth more money (And this is true if you ARE your boss as well) It all comes down to turning down the voice in your head that is shouting negatives at you. “WORK HARDER”, “DO MORE”, “BE MORE”, “JUST GET OVER YOURSELF”. We all have these voices and they DO NOT serve us! They will never make you Better, Stronger, Faster. They only tear you down. But turning down the volume on these voices is NO EASY Task. This is where I come in. I help you bridge the gap between the not so nice voices in your head and your inner cheerleader. Because I think you are amazing…Isn’t it time you thought that of yourself?

Categories: Career Coach, Transformational Coach