5 Ways to Stand Out From Your Competition

Can you quickly name 10 people that do what you do or sell what you sell?

If you answered yes, then this is going to be for you!

In most professions, you can throw a stick and hit someone who does exactly or pretty close to what you do. It may not be the exact same company, but they are pretty stinking close. What are you doing to stand out above that competition?

There are 5 areas you should concentrate on the get the most change.

1.) Social Media – Are you a sales person that throws up all over your audience? Not literally of course. But you have seen those posts by friends (or maybe you need to look at your own posts) that is all about product / service, product / service, how awesome I am, product / service. Puke! Be different. You can still get the point across in a different way. STAND OUT: Instead of showing a picture of your product, do a quick video demonstration or post a video testimonial from a client. If your business is about nutrition, give daily tips of quick snacks for ways to eat healthy with the ingredients that are in a typical refrigerator. If you’re a Realtor, stop posting just listed and just sold properties! Show the unique properties of the home and make people want to come see it. Stand out above the competition and become a resource for clients and potential clients. Go live, do interviews, post pictures of relevant items to your business but are not your business and (this is one that not many people do) give shout outs to other peoples’ products! When you do this it will get you exposure to their clients as well! Tweet morsels of information and link back to your blog. Post articles on LinkedIn…and it doesn’t have to be just about your business but things that you might have a passion about. Take pictures for Instagram at different events you are part of. There are so many ways to get exposure without throwing up on everyone.

2.) Marketing – Oh, I could talk about this one for days! In my presentations I like to say that “I don’t do what everyone else is doing because they are already doing it”. I am sure that you have received pieces of mail that you threw in the garbage without even reading because it didn’t catch your attention. You have had people hand you business cards at a networking event that you couldn’t even remember who they were at the end of the event. Why did they even spend their money on marketing when it’s not working? STAND OUT: Be authentic. Be creative. Have fun with it. Unless your company tells you that you can only use certain materials or information then why not be someone people will remember? Create marketing that your prospective customers will want to keep and share with their friends. I believe that the biggest part is to put your personality into the piece. What is your passion that is going to allow you to connect with that customer? Remember that your marketing is meant to be for them, about them not all about you, you, you! Make them remember your name!

3.) Website – What does your website say about you? Most websites out there are all about me, me, me. Stop the insanity. Most clients are not coming to your website to learn about you personally. If they are, then they can visit your “about me” page. Again, this is your opportunity to be the specialist in your field. STAND OUT: Let your clients do the talking about their experience with you in a video testimonial instead of words on the page. Link your blog to your website so visitors can see all of the different areas that you know about. Have videos from your YouTube page play on the site to peak the interest and get cross exposure to your social media. Are you capturing the leads that come through your website? Offer a free handout or sample if they fill out the form…and then follow up!

4.) Follow Up – If that wasn’t a perfect Segway! I read an article that said in 2011 48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect, 25% make a second contact and stop and 12% make more than 3 contacts! Can you believe that? I am sure that the numbers are about the same if not worse. I know that I have been fallen into the first 2 categories before and that is horrible! If you are side-by-side with a competitor and a lead is given to both of you, chances are that one of you isn’t going to follow up. Is that person going to be you? Let it not be. STAND OUT: When you receive a lead, no matter what form it may be in, you should follow up as soon as possible but within 24 hours at the very latest. Most purchases are made on emotion and impulse and if that buyer has a chance to change their feelings or find another product they must have then you’re out the door. Strike when that fire is hot. Follow up again within 2 weeks just to keep your name at the front of their mind. You don’t want them to forget about you! Do you have a system in place to constantly communicate with these leads? Have you integrated them into your social media and customer service? If not then you need to start researching RIGHT NOW the best CRM system for you and your business.

5.) Customer Service – I am sure that you have heard the old saying that it’s easier to keep the clients that you have than to get new ones? This is so very true. Customer service is all about making your clients feel like they are the only ones that you have! Even after the sale is completed, you want them to tell all of their friends about you as well as keep coming back for more. STAND OUT: Is your product one that they can run out of and needs to replenish? Contact them right before the “normal” refill time and ask them if they are ready for another or offer an auto refill program. Do you offer a referral program that pays them to bring you leads? Do you say thank you just because? Customer appreciation events? Birthday and anniversary cards? There are so many ways to stay in touch with your clients without being boring and doing what others are doing! Put your own creative spin on it and make it authentic to you and your business!

Okay people, I have outlined 5 areas within your business that if you make some adjustments you will be standing out above your competition in no time! I would love to hear your feedback about what has worked and what hasn’t for your business!


Angie Travis is a local Realtor that prides herself on thinking outside the box and standing out above the competition to do what needs to get done for her clients. Angie is a workaholic and loves to learn more every day to better her business and share that knowledge with other Awesome Women in Business.

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