Whose REALLY Running Your Business?


Please join Karen Pierce to learn about “Who’s really running your Business. ”

Women second guess nearly every decision they make.  From the nail color they choose to  he direction they steer their business, many of us are unaware how much the need for approval is preventing them us from reaching our true potential.

Awaken yourself to how many seemingly unimportant choices impact you, your relationships and your business. Discover how many people you are allowing intoy your boardroom and how you can take back, and reinstate yourself as CEO of you life.

Meeting Information:  BMI Credit Union 6165 Emerald Parkway, Dublin Ohio

Tuesday June 13, 2017:  11:45 a.m to 1:00 p.m

Water and Snack Bars available for $1.00: proceeds go to Amethyst, our Charity for 2017.

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